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Self-Reliance: Your true strength.

I've met this person only recently and since then, we've texted continuously until today. I must admit it has been a difficult day not talking to her. Yes, I might have fallen for her. She is my go-to person, and I just can't stop myself from telling her everything. The fact that I am more reliant on someone else than I am on my self-bugs me. Well, people are disappointing. In a generalised view, I don't think I should be this reliant on her. Today's been a bad day for me, but I smiled throughout the day because I realised the fact that, my happiness is more reliant on her than myself. So I stopped talking to her to force myself to be happy by myself. Yes, I shouldn't stop talking to her all of a sudden which Is why I've reduced the volume of my texts and I can already feel the difference. My normal days usually include texting her, checking my phone continuously and waiting for her to reply so that I can reply back as soon as I could. Well, that changed to…
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The confidence of a Cobbler.

His handlebar mustache always set him apart. His dressing was something the Bible expects from every Church-going person: your best clothes. I’m so used to going out, that I put on the most causal, dull dresses to the Church and save the best for the other days. His family of four was always on time. Dressed in their best clothes, they always tried to get the best seats in the house and listened to the preachings very carefully. Occasionally his kids were noisy, butone sharp serious look towards them and everything goes back to that perfect silence he expects from them. They kept to themselves. They hardly ever socialized with anyone in the Church and I think he believed he was inferior to the rest. Although he’s been coming for many years now I’m still not sure how he sounds and what his voice is like. That’s how disciplined he is. His absolute silence was occasionally broken by his grumbling when his kids were noisy.

They usually occupy an entire bench in the Church. Although it can …

Just like every other day: The good in us all.

My brother takes a cab to his college. He came across a driver one day whom he can never forget. As told to me by my brother, just as he was about to exit the vehicle, the driver passed out a note to him. The driver said, “Everyday I give out a note like this to a person.”  On the note was written a simple thought. My brother was the lucky one to get it that day which he brought home and we all discussed how a simple man can make a huge difference for someone. Imagine yourself depressed and completely lost, worried about your life going no where, struggling to make ends meet. When you have no hopes, on the brink of zero positivity you’re handed a thought by some random stranger whom you might never meet and that thought instills in you the smallest hope that tomorrow might be a good day, that one day you will be fine, you’ll be happy and all your problems won't trouble you anymore. The simplest action like writing a good note about life and handing it over to a random person you m…